UK or abroad?

Deciding whether to have your wedding nearest home in the UK or abroad is possibly the single biggest impact that your decision will make. And like many decisions, there is no right or wrong answer. You have to collect your thoughts and information and make the decision that best fits you as individuals, and as a couple.

People often think that getting married abroad costs a lot more money and on one level that’s can be true with all the extra expenses you need to pay in getting there and getting back again. But most weddings abroad where the couple live in the UK, have a much smaller guest list, and as we all know, one of the biggest drivers in overall wedding cost is the amount of people you will be inviting.

So broadly speaking, it could mean that a destination wedding in Italy for around 25 people works out at around the same price, or less than a wedding at a local venue in the UK. When you put it like that a lot of people stop and look at you and you can see the cogs turning as they wonder about having a destination wedding.

Destination wedding photography at Clemenceau, Brittany, France | Group shot of wedding guests

The what and the why of destination wedding photography

The term destination wedding photography is where you the couple to be commission, your chosen photographer from the UK to travel to your wedding overseas. And there can be considerable advantages.

One of the main advantages to taking your Photographer to your wedding abroad is that you will already have started a report and relationship with them, longer before the big day. And as you have commission them directly, there will be no language or cultural barriers, so you have clear, understanding and communication.

Many wedding venues abroad will suggest their own suppliers, particular photographers and if you are considering this, it is really important that you research them really thoroughly and understand their style of work, their way of working and all of the costs involved.

Destination wedding photography at Castello Monaci, Puglia, Italy | Couple walking in castle grounds
Destination wedding photography at Castello Monaci, Puglia, Italy | Couple in romantic kiss
Destination wedding photography at Castello Monaci, Puglia, Italy | Palm trees in front of castle

Why a destination wedding photographer?

Many people choose to take a UK photographer with them for their destination wedding as they have found a style. They really love and have formed a great working relationship that I want to continue. In addition to this, I find that once people have seen the choice of wedding albums that I have on offer, their mind is decided. I just love the sheer passion that I have for my craft and my work, and for others reassurance comes, from knowing that I have been awarded over 95 national awards of photographic excellence.

As a photographer, I can say that working abroad requires a whole new level of experience. Having a thorough understanding of the value of a couple is chosen and what it means to them is paramount. Being an excellent diplomat goes without saying, as you will be working closely with the venue staff, and having them on side is always vital whether it’s a UK or an overseas wedding.

One month before every wedding, I photograph, I meet with a couple to go over the wedding day, the timings, and all the relevant details. It’s so interesting to see how things have fallen into place since the initial meeting with them, and to see their choices and preferences, and the way that the wedding day is going to unfold. This isn’t just curious interest, but rather a vital planning stage for me as I will then go on to create a bespoke photography itinerary for me to use throughout the day. My own itinerary will contain the what, the where, the when and who, and will be what keeps me one step ahead throughout the day.

Three weeks after the wedding visit me again for their big reveal. Here they see their beautifully curated wedding collection for the first time, as well as view, the album design that I will have already created. They can browse through swatches to choose the materials and the colours of the wedding album and album box and place any orders for wall art. As you can see all this can be rather difficult if you have booked a resort photographer.

Destination wedding photography in Provence, France | Scene of beautiful countryside