Wedding photography packages

Packages; we all know about them and we’ve all heard of them, but why are packages so widely used and is there an alternative as a comparison of wedding photographers?

You could say they are widely used because one photographer sees another photographer’s website and thinks that’s the way to go while magically having the ability to compare minute details with all the other photographers in his or her region.

Yes, people do act like sheep and thanks to the Internet it’s very easy to see what everyone else is doing, and then go on to knock up your own version with your own preferences. It’s not that there’s anything wrong per se with packages and they can be useful if all you want to do is compare like for like and price for price.

Close up of wedding bouquet flowers

So what are photography packages?

But it is as well to stop, and remember that photography is about more than just a list of services and a bunch of photos. It is, without doubt that photography is one of the most important services that you will have at your wedding. Consider the day after the wedding, the beautiful flowers are wilted, the dress that you wear once has been worn, and the cake has been eaten. You’ve had an amazing day of it and probably the best day of your life, but how will you remember it? It’s questions like this, that make us consider the value of fantastic photography, and it all starts at the initial search for a photographer and leaves us neatly back to those pesky packages. I hinted at an alternative and there most definitely is one and this is how I work.

Wedding flowers with dress in background

The luxury alternative

You will notice that my investment page where you might expect a list of packages and a raft of prices, is actually rather mimimal, offering just the starting price. This is deliberate and as I accept a limited number of weddings each year, I am able to provide an attention to detail that launches the service that I provide right into the stratosphere!

For each and every enquiry, I will provide a bespoke proposal which is tailored to your needs and your wedding and ultimately your life together. It will account for the size of your wedding, where it is, the venue, the style of album, you like, whether you would like to have an engagement, shoot, (or pre-wedding shoot), and more.

And this is where a discovery session comes in to place. Your wedding discovery session is our second point of contact after your initial enquiry, and unless you are really local to me, will typically be a video call where we can go over the ideas you have for your big day and the possibilities that you are thinking of. Having a really nice video set up, I am able to show you albums and material options by switching to different, high-definition cameras during the call.

Wedding photography packages on tablet screen

Your discovery call

And it’s not just about gathering information about your wedding, I enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level so I can really understand you and what makes you tick both as individuals and as a couple.

Once we have had our wedding discovery call, I will work on a bespoke proposal that works for you, is relevant to you and offers you things that will resonate with you and where you are right now.

When you have digested the proposal, talked about it, and probably looked some more at my website, you can book directly from the proposal, taking any extra options that take your fancy.

So this is my preferred way of working, and I honestly believe it serves you the client so much better, by offering something to you which is tailored to the needs, and to your wedding. No more cookie cutter one size fits all approach!